About Us

We are Dan and Sarina Cornthwaite, a husband and wife duo living in Northern Ontario who love to cook, sing and create together. We are fascinated by board games, captivated by good books and constantly get pulled into addictive TV  shows.

We both have a heart for youth ministries and are currently youth group leaders at our current church.

About Sarina


The main blogger of The Cornthwaite Corner, Sarina is constantly fueled by creative bursts of energy (and more than just one cup of coffee). When not teaching in a classroom, Sarina can be found in front of the piano with an ever-constant cup tea of beside her.



About Dan


Behind the scenes of the blog is the hard-working Dan. He prefers to create with his hands, and has furnished our household with an array of gorgeous hand-made pieces of furniture. When not working as a carpenter, Dan can be found gardening or delving into a good book.