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the succulent that started them all

I have a confession to make.

You ready?

I am the worst gardener I have ever met. I have managed to somehow kill off hordes of herbs, flowers and even grass.

I don’t mean to but somehow plants have just never grown in my care…..until I discovered succulents.

I first got to see a succulent in person during a photoshoot…in -30 degree Celsius weather. I fell in love, but had no idea if any plants from the bouquet I had would survive, let alone the succulents. Luckily one of those hardy succulents did.

And they continued growing.

And growing.

The succulent was soon too big for the meager pot I had it in, so I re-potted it……and it kept growing. I had no idea what to do with it so I hit up the ol’ Google. I found the art of propagating succulents. So I followed the instructions followed on Needles and Leaves and waited. By sheer dumb luck, I managed to propagate 4 out of 5 succulent leaves my first time around.

It’s been over two years now and I have successfully propagated over 20 succulents from that very first plant. Many I’ve given away to friends and family but our own house has plenty.

Here is around half of my newest propagated bunch.

While I’ve been growing succulents I’ve also branched out to other plants this year including peonies, herbs and lettuce!

Are you a gardener? What is the one plant you look forward to see bloom in the spring?


One thought on “the succulent that started them all

  1. Wish I had a yard and didn’t have indoor cats. There’s no hope in the world for a plant in my apartment! I read your post and immediately thought about this book I had read earlier this year that perhaps you might want to give a read. It’s called Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener by Joseph Tychonievich. Turns out plant breeding doesn’t have to be as daunting as many assume it is and, in fact, many gardeners like yourself are doing it without realizing! Anyways, I hope your succulents continue to prosper!


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