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treat yo’self-spa day at home

I love spa days. There’s something so luxurious about spending a day devoted entirely to yourself-usually dressed in a fluffy white bathrobe while drinking a steaming cup of tea and snacking on little sandwiches.

The one downside to spa days is that you have to actually leave your house to get to the spa. Well not anymore! These days, there are an abundance of goodies meant for recreating that spa feeling at home-bath salts, bath bombs, body butters, beautifying oils, face masks…the list is endless.

I have a few things I swear by for a perfect spa day at home

  • A good book. I prefer fantasy or historic literature after my spa days.
  • Pot of tea. I prefer drinking green or oo’long tea, but a good cup of tea is essential to a zen-like experience. Lately I’ve been hooked on rooibos chai
  • Scented candles. I love using
  • Face masks. I like using a brightening or moisturizing face mask in the winter to get my dull winter skin back to its glowing self.
  • Body scrub. I try to exfoliate every week with a hardcore scrub. I make my own from leftover coffee grinds, sugar and olive oil.
  • Delicious smelling soap. After my face masks and body scrub, I love lathering up with something chocolatey or minty-it always brings my mood up.
  • Body butter or body oil. After all that soaking, scrubbing and masking, I moisturize with something heavy to keep my skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Comfy, cute pair of pajamas…that match! There’s just something about a matching pajama set that makes me feel so put-together-especially after taking care of myself


I always love discovering new bath and body companies so when I discovered Chic Soaps I was thrilled! A Canadian company with a focus on using natural fragrances in their products-and a huge selection to choose from. I received a soap and a body butter.


The Pumpkin Pie soap looks like a giant slice of layered fudge…it even has little pieces of what looks like coconut on top of it at first glance…but it’s actually soap with a bit of glitter! Containing vanilla essential oil and pumpkin fragrance oil, it smelled delicious without being a fake pumpkin smell. When I used it in the shower, it didn’t feel like my skin was being stripped clean, but it felt gentle and moisturizing.


The Vanilla Aloe cream smelled like ice cream-again, not a cloying sweet scent but all natural. It came packaged with all the ingredients printed on the label, and I love knowing that I can pronounce all the ingredients and know what they are! Aloe vera and honey powder are huge moisturizers, while the My dry skin felt like it was being surrounded by moisture after a walk in the Sahara. It took a short time to sink into my skin, and didn’t leave it feeling greasy.


Browsing the website again makes me excited to order even more products from them!

What are your favorite spa day rituals?

*I was given the opportunity to test these products out, but all opinions are my own


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