When I was growing up my parents and I had a lot of opportunities to travel. From Halifax and PEI, India or spontaneous trips to the States, we covered quite a few countries. The travel bug has never really left me, but it’s been harder to act on it due to work and school.

When Dan and I first started dating, we would do day trips to various places in Toronto-museums, greenhouses and a ton of different restaurants and cafes to soothe the spirit (and the stomach)


Toronto Island

Though the day trips are always fun, Dan and I have begun to foster a love of travel that will take us farther than a few hours away from home.

This started with our honeymoon- an East Coast cruise! From Montreal to Boston we travelled to 3 different provinces and 2 states, got to see many sights and ate a lot of lobster rolls (at least one a day)

Since our honeymoon we’ve been able to travel to northern Quebec, various places in Ontario and to Washington DC.

One thing we find when planning for travel is that our transportation is usually the most expensive part.

Using sites like Expedia, Skyscanner and  Flighthub are usually our first go-to when booking flights. We’re also Air Miles customers-and we’ve been lucky to be able to put flights onto that without problems.

While we haven’t had an opportunity to use it yet, we’re excited to use Air BnB when travelling to cut down on hotel costs. Friends and family rave about it and it seems like a great way to get the feel for a place-whether we’re there for one night or one week.

We’re already itching for our next adventure!

Where has your favourite place to travel been?



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