wrap me up- a DIY blanket ladder

One rule about living in an apartment- you can never have enough storage space. Dan and I figured that out very quickly when we moved into our place.

What were we going to do about all the blankets that we had been gifted with? They were something we wanted to have accessible for those cold Northern winter nights and there was only enough room under our table for two at most.

I had been longing for a blanket ladder for a while but they were all out of our budget.

“But Sarina, your husband is a carpenter. Can’t he just make you one?” Of course.

In the midst of working I had completely forgotten that this was something than Dan could easily make. I asked him….and he did! We roughly followed the measurements given by Love Grows Wild. Instead of cutting 5′ pieces of wood, Dan used wood that was already available to him instead of buying any materials. Our blanket ladder is around 4′ tall with 4 rungs to hang blankets to fit into our available space. I think that if we were to do this again, I’d make it 5′ tall and add more rungs for blankets

Our lovely blanket ladder now sits, nestled into our home, ready for us and guests alike to just help themselves to a blanket.


Would you have a blanket ladder in your house?



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